How things grow while you’re away…

Good gravy! We’re gone for one week and the garden goes nuts!

We can’t even remember what kind of squash that is on the right, but I guess we’ll soon find out, eh?! 

SF was glorious. Another trip where I had too much fun to take many pictures. The cool, foggy weather was just what we needed, for as fate would have it, we missed a crazy hot and sticky week in Wisconsin! Sausalito is a wonderful town, and though I still believe we made the right move to leave when we did, I’ll always love coming back.

I did manage to snap some pics of my old stomping ground, Once Around. I had the extreme fortune to work here for almost 5 years, working my way up to sewing manager. It was by far the best job I’ve ever had. Who doesn’t love getting paid to shop for fabric? Alas, Once Around will be closing its doors on August 1st. Though my dream is to someday open a craft shop as happy as this one, that would be a huge feat…

The girls and I decided to bring home some souvenirs…

Fabric close up! The left pile is all quilting cotton. The right is a mix of canvas, denim, voile, and laminated cotton. 

And now we’re back, and baffled by how much a garden can grow in one week. Marin’s sunflowers are now about 8ft tall.

And the veggies we planted late are really catching up!

Oh, and I think these ladies missed us…


The good and bad of making

Quite a lot is going on over here lately. We just received a delivery of our new fruit trees! I’ll get a good pic once we find a good resting spot for them, right now their in a jumbled mess in our driveway. Todd is in the midst of creating his dream garden, and he’s about 2/3 of the way there. It’s a slow and steady process, but will yield some major reward.

Spring day

Also in progress is our chicken coop, which will be delivered next week! We won’t have a run on it for a little while, but that’s ok since the chicks are still “chicks” and will have plenty of room in the coop itself. The brooder box is getting a bit cramped, as these little ladies are getting BIG! There are 9 in total, all standard sized breeds and, if all goes well, we will have a rainbow of eggs coming in 5-6 months.

They aren’t quite as cramped as they appear in the pics below, they just like to clamber together when they see a camera.

chicken end maychicken end may 2

I got some fun stuff in the mail recently! A nice pile of lovely fabrics. The three on the left I ordered from Miss Matatabi, which is my go-to for Japanese fabrics. The linen on the right is from a Lithuanian Etsy shop called LINENstep.


I’ve been puttering here and there prepping pattern pieces and cutting fabric. I’m actually quite fond of PDF sewing patterns, because I find it relaxing to cut and tape the pieces together. If I need a new size I just print the pattern out again!

patternspatterns 2

Unfortunately, I had one of those “DOH!” moments while serging my first Colette Mabel skirt this morning. It took assembling the skirt to near completion for me to realize that my seams are crazy wonky! It doesn’t really look this way when the skirt is laid flat…

mabel 1

But when you look closely at the seems they are all wavy and bumpy, making this skirt look rather terrible on me. It’s also too big in the waistband, there is no way this thing would ever stay up on me. *sigh*. The sad reality of making your own clothes is that they don’t all work out beautifully.

mabel seam

I’m assuming there is something up with my serger tension and I wish-oh-wish I could snap my fingers and it will be fixed! If anyone out there reading this has any advice, I am very new to using a serger and could use all the help I can get! Please comment below.

On the plus, I have enough of this cute double knit left to try again. I may just play it safe and make it all on my regular machine, the walking foot/jersey needle combo has always worked well for me…

In the meantime, the Cali Faye pocket skirt waits in the bullpen.

pocket skirt pieces

Happy Thursday 🙂