New Garden Bliss

It’s been so long! I am a bad bad blogger lately, but all for good reasons. Last week we had some of our closest friends from California come stay with us. My friend Erika later admitted that she had intended to lure us back to the Bay Area, but upon seeing our new home and town, she promptly gave up. We spent the week exploring what our region had to offer and, by the end of the week, they were Wisconsin smitten… Not enough to join us out here, but smitten nonetheless. It was a fun week indeed.

On a gardening note, it’s just about done…

We owe it all to our amazing builder friend, Pete, who cranked this all out in two weeks! And, though it’s a bit late in the planting season, we’re not wasting any time. Todd is filling all our new beds with cucumbers and peppers for pickling, San Marzano tomatoes for canning, berry bushes, late harvest greens and squash, and zinnias… Just because. 

We have a nice backdrop too. The mock orange and roses are open and fragrant right now.

I was able to make Erika a nice birthday bouquet right when the mock orange and elderberry bloomed. Good gravy, these smell awesome.

While most of the garden is still very new, we’ve been able to start enjoying what was planted in the original four beds. Our radishes are now the size of golf balls, and Anja has been gobbling them up like they’re going extinct.

It’s a happy garden 

That’s basil under our tomato plants. They like each other both in the soil and on the plate 😉.

On the craft front, I’ve been too busy enjoying our visiting friends to tackle any ongoing projects, but this week we were able to slow down and the girls and I have played around a bit. Old crafts were rediscovered…

Otter got some much needed play time…

And I’m still working on something special. I think I’ve revised it four or five times now, but it’s starting to look how I want it to look.

Happy Thursday. 


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