Venturing Out

Though it’s a little chilly today, Todd and I couldn’t wait to get the run finished on the new chicken coop. Granted, the coop is still not totally done, it needs some indoor and outdoor roosts and nest boxes. We also plan to add window boxes and a little special something  (stay tuned). So far I’m happy with the results.

finished run

It took the little ladies a little while to gather the courage to head out. I don’t blame them, they’ve technically never seen the light of day! After 10 minutes or so we finally saw some little heads poking out.

chicken explore

As you can see, we had to lure them with their chick feed a bit. As I type, there are a few out there right now enjoying the new space.


The peonies are finally in bloom


I’m having fun with the arrangements, of which I am a complete novice, so be kind.


In honor of our previous hometown of Sausalito, I posed a few with some of our Heath ceramics…

peony heath

Other new things growing around the yard… wisteria buds


Day lily buds (and they are many)

day lily buds

Asparagus and garlic coming along nicely


Now that the coop is functioning and the house is (mostly) clean, I have a date with my sewing machine and a few yards of Nani Iro double gauze… but that’s for another post.

Happy Tuesday 🙂



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