Playing around

It’s amazing what one can do with some half square triangles…


I had a little time to spend in the sewing room yesterday and I’ve been meaning to make one more pillow cover for our family room. I liked the idea of just making a bunch of half square triangles with my scraps and then playing around with them until I found a layout I liked. The only problem with this plan is that I then get really indecisive on the layout. I should have known too, this is not the first spontaneous quilt block plan that has caused problems.

This is not even half of the blocks I came up with, but I kind of gave up taking pictures after a while. Although I had my heart set on something wild and elaborate, I decided on the top row middle block. I’m not sure why… call it a vibe? I also loved the look of the bottom middle block, but I think I’d like to try it with different colors. Another pillow! Anyway, I think the new block looks nice, now that it’s pieced and bordered with the last of my precious Merchant and Mills linen.

pillow top


Also new, THE CHICKEN COOP ARRIVED! Can you tell I’m very excited? It’s such a sigh of relief, being able to walk through my basement without wrinkling my nose in disgust. Word to anyone thinking of raising backyard chickens, it’s a wonderful and rewarding experience, but not for the squeamish. They poop… a lot… and it smells really really bad. I’m much happier dealing with poop outdoors than indoors, so you can imagine my elation.

coopTodd still needs to build their run (where the flags are). As much as I love the idea of free ranging our chickens, it’s not allowed in our town. I don’t mind, as I’ve seen how chickens can devastate a garden in minutes, and not all of our gardens will be fenced. We also won’t have to worry as much about predators this way, so it’s all good :). The birds don’t seem to mind, they have a bitchin’ new pad!

chicks in coop

I also made a few new discoveries in the garden today. Poppies! And these are the big kind, not the little California poppies that grow out of sidewalk cracks.


And I haven’t looked this one up yet, but I’m rather excited about it.

purple flower

Ah, Spring…






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