A blissful weekend

Have you ever had so much fun on a weekend getaway that you forgot to take pictures? I have… many times! And this past weekend was certainly no exception. With temps in the high 70s and a lake house in the North Woods to enjoy, I said “to hell with photos!” OK, not really. Luckily, Todd took some pics of the really important stuff, like this monster of a crappie Marin caught. We measured it and it was only two inches shy of the Wisconsin state record!

She wouldn’t touch it, so I had to help with the photo. We had a nice fish fry with this guy, plus a few other keepers.

Marin crappie

Anja had some decent catches too. Not bad for a tiny Dora fishing rod (we offered her a different one now that she’s bigger and she won’t have it).

Anja crappie

I did manage to snap a few pictures in the car home, only because I think kids on road trips are so cute, curling up with their blankies and listening to audiobooks. Marin is rockin’ her new moccasins, which is becoming an annual “Up North” tradition in our family.

Marin road tripAnja road trip

I don’t have any Me Made May pics from the weekend, but I did still participate. I wore all repeat shirts, so I didn’t feel the need to post them again. I’ll start up again with the posting today, so tune in soon :).


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