Catching up

There are a lot of things that I still need to smooth out as I dive into the blogging world. One of which is my technology (or lack of) available. I’m currently creating new posts in one of two ways, either on my desktop (like right now) or my iPad (when I’m in bed and too tired to sit at the computer). You can easily tell which posts were created where, because the iPad posts contain no links and minimal typing… because who actually enjoys typing with one finger? Get a keyboard, you say? Perhaps I should, once I get enough followers…

I struck gold on my walk this morning. Sweet sweet shroomy gold!


Granted, this is nothing compared to the bushel full my husband and aunt found in Kettle Moraine last weekend, but I’ll take it! I’m a novice morel hunter!

I also finished my quick and satisfying knitting project, and this empty honey jar couldn’t be happier. I took a cup of tea in it to visit Marin at school yesterday and her friends oohed and ahhed over it. I think I found a new birthday gift option.

jar cozy

OK, I’m not ready to admit defeat, but Me Made May has been more challenging than I suspected. Alas, I have still made it 20 days without a repeat item. Those days are numbered, I fear, unless I get my tush behind the sewing machine and start cranking out some warm weather gear. I don’t think I could really justify posting a pic of me in a chunky wool cowl when it’s 70 degrees out. I should’ve played my knit goods card FIRST! Remembering to take a picture has also been challenging. See days 16 and 17 below…

Day 16 I wore my Scout Tee, which is technically my wearable muslin. I had this Denise Schmidt fabric that I found on sale lying around and gave it a shot. It’s really a great pattern! I did not expect something so simple to be such a loved wardrobe staple. Now I need to decide what to use for the next one.

For Day 17 I wore my second Wiksten Tova, this time the tunic version. Made in more wonderful linen from Merchant and Mills. It’s wrinkly… but good wrinkly. Does that exist, or is it just my weird thinking?

scout and tova

Day 18 I wore my favorite Washi Dress, and I say favorite because I’ve made this pattern three times and this is the only one that gets regular wear. Nani Iro double gauze helps with this. I omitted the neckline cutout and added piping, which turned out to be a major headache. I don’t recommend adding piping to a neckline if it’s supposed to have some drape.

washi dress

You like my face here? This is what happens when your husband is taking pics of your dress and then nonchalantly mentions that you look like you’re heading to a Phish show. Thanks, honey :).

Day 19 I wore my Easy Foldover Poncho from the pattern by Churchmouse Yarns. Sometimes the simplest things you make end up being the best, and this is a prime example. The Fiber Company’s Acadia yarn is like buttah and there are little blue flecks throughout the brown that the picture doesn’t pick up well. My mother once gave me the most valuable knitting advice that I continue to share to customers at work all the time, “use simple patterns, but use fabulous yarn”. Well said, Mom.






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