We have a new hammock chair…

It’s really fun…

And I’m putting the sweater project aside for a bit. A sudden thunderstorm made me crave some tea in a mason jar with knit cozy. Now I just need the knit cozy.

I’m 3 days behind in Me Made May postings (the horror!). I’ll keep it brief!

Day 13 I kind of cheated and wore a beaded necklace I made, but it still counts, right?!

Day 14 I wore my Skirt As Top tee. This is such an easy shirt to make, with only two pattern pieces, and the fit is great. Fabric from Art Gallery. I forgot to take a pic while I wore it, so this is fresh from the laundry basket the next day.

Day 15 I almost forgot a photo (I need to master this whole blogging thing), but Todd saved the day right before bed. This is my first Lark Tee, also my first serged project. It’s stil… um… Not hemmed. I’ll get to that eventually.



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