Wow. What an amazing bird. Though we’ve been seeing many colorful friends on our feeder and in the fruit trees lately, these little guys take the prize. It’s a shame they don’t stick around our neck of the woods for the whole summer, but we can at least enjoy them while they pass through…

I’ve been playing with my serger lately! It’s amazing that I’ve had one for two years and have only touched it once to thread the thing. It’s crazy intimidating, all those loopers and needles and hooky thingies. I was expecting I’d have to make an offering and perform a ritualistic dance before operating. Alas, after minimal (okay, moderate) amounts of cursing I managed to whip out a Lark Tee! The seams aren’t perfect, but neither am I, so it’s fine.

I haven’t hemmed it yet. I’m going to try it with my twin needle, which is another first for me. Woohoo, milestones!

For day 11 of the Me Made May challenge we had some thick fog, allowing for cool but not cold temperatures. Todd and I decided to do a little birding down by the creek in our yard and I wore my Top 64 from the pattern by Merchant and Mills. This one is made in a thicker tweed flannel, but I think this top would work really well in a lighter chambray. I’m eyeing the new double gauze chambray from Robert Kaufman…

For day 12 I got lazy and snapped a selfie of my Noddlehead pajama pants. Though I don’t love the waistband on these, they are the most durable pajamas I’ve ever had. I think they’re going on 4 years of regular wear and still look new!

And, of course, the tulips are peaking 


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