Day 4 MMM + Random Cuteness

Day 4 and I’m already resorting to selfies with my head cut off! Well, it’s a cold, dreary day and I didn’t quite feel like making up a new facial expression. Tomorrow shall bring sunshine (I hope), and I will frolic outdoors in whatever handmade item I pick for that day, eyes wide with excitement. But today is all about SWEATERS!

This sweater is from the Cassis pattern by Thea Coleman, knit in Anzula’s For Better or Worsted superwash merino. This is hands down the most expensive thing I have ever knit, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat, it is one helluva sweater. What I love most about this pattern is that it’s knit in ONE piece, front bands included. No joining, no picking up hundreds of stitches, NADA!

Cassis front

You like the messy bed hair? It’s not even morning in this photo… And my shirt is not actually old, just made to look that way (because it’s cool!).

There’s a nifty little lace panel in the back too. Just enough detail to keep it interesting, yet still simple enough to qualify as “TV knitting”.

Cassis back

One thing I will say about this pattern in this yarn is that it is warm. Do not attempt to wear this under a jacket… unless you’re in Wisconsin and it’s January.

And now for the random cuteness, brought to you by our 6 little chicks: Popcorn, Phoenix, Bowie, Ming Ming, Cookie, and Thundermuffin (we can thank my 5 year old nephew for that awesome name). I’m finding that, as my children get older, their ideas for chicken names become less based on the chicken’s appearance (Brownie, Snowy, etc.), and much more imaginative. I love it 🙂





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