Me Made May

This year I’m participating in Me Made May (#mmm2016), an online challenge in which the participant wears a homemade article of clothing each day for the month of May and posts about it. It’s a bit of a celebration of the handmade wardrobe! I fully intended to post days 1 and 2… only I lacked a blog to post them on! I had a fantastic plan to time the start of my blog with the start of Me Made May, and then stuff just got busy. Any parent of small children reading this is likely nodding his/her head in understanding right about now…

Anywho, the clothing! Today I wore one of my favorite me-made items that I made last Spring. This is the Boho Blouse pattern from the book Simply Sewn by Michiyo Ito. I love Japanese patterns! The simplicity, the drape, the style! I cranked this baby out in some Loominous by Anna Maria Horner and I think I made a mighty good choice (pats self on back). Did I mention that I love Japanese patterns?


What kind of face do you make when taking these types of photos? I’m kind of new at this. This face says “don’t look at the camera and try to smile but don’t smile… and make your arms stick out while making them appear relaxed!” Until today I have been enlisting my husband, Todd, to act as photographer, but my facial expressions in today’s shots were so ridiculous that I resorted to a timed selfie in desperation.

For MMM2016 Day 2, I wore my newly completed Paris Toujours wrap, pattern by Isabell Kraemer and knit in Juniper Moon’s Moonshine yarn. I swear I wore this yesterday and am not cheating on the challenge. This was a fun and easy knit and I’m glad it’s still cool enough to wear it (did I just say I’m glad it’s cool?). Not pictured well is my attempt at a Dutch braid, that I managed to pull off until almost noon when it collapsed in utter defeat. I was really looking forward to rocking that hairstyle at work…


For Day 1 I wore my oh-so-cozy Linden Top, pattern by Grainline Studio and made in an anonymous french terry. I will be making more of these… many more. The headband is an oldie but goodie, the Calorimetry pattern from knit in Malabrigo Worsted. This combo made a great “clean the chick brooder” outfit, if I do say so.


Day 4 to come tomorrow! Thanks for letting me make up for lost time 😉



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